• Uncork Your Feelings


    Do you feel bottled up and need to talk to someone, are you unsure of where you are in your relationship and you need help, do you have questions and you don’t know whom or how to ask?

    Join us every other Friday at 7pm:
    • Need Prayers
    • Need to talk to someone
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  • Strength For The Journey


    Your race as a believer is a journey and often times we lose strength. Strength for the journey is an avenue for men to support each other in prayer as we build each other in faith.

    Join our prayer conference call Every Tuesday morning from 6:00am – 6:30:
    • Get refreshed.
    • Stay committed to prayer.
    • Watch God move

    We recommend you come expectant.

  • Be A WOI


    We have all been blessed with so many gifts, some have been labeled mundane, and others unique. Mine is to WRITE, and with it, I will influence my world!

    Join us on our weekly conference call every Thursday from 8pm to 8:30pm. You can also:
    Come join our discussions, you will be amazed how much you have to share
  • MB Weekly


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    Additional features:
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