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October 22, 2015
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October 22, 2015
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A Picturesque Moment

WaterunderthebridgeIt is such a damp and gloomy day in our neck of the woods, but a nice day to stay in, cuddle up by the fire with a blanket and a mug of hot cocoa with some whipped crème for you know what…Wow, what a nice picture of the perfect day in, right? My,why the sarcasm? There is absolutely nothing wrong with doing just that, is there? But it won’t happen, will it? Because it is Saturday and we have all the stuff and commitments that were left undone during the week; the kids’ games, grad school assignment, the grocery list, the chores, the friends coming over for dinner, the birthday invite, and of course, the church to do list, and the list goes on. No time for rest, no time to reflect on the beauty of creation and the magnificence of the creator.

Everyone has worked hard all week, maybe some have even worked more than 40 hrs with very little sleep here and there, but the work continues, Saturday is the only day to make it all up, and so we shall. There is no time to enjoy that picturesque day Lapo and Abi are talking about; there is money to be made, hours to be billed, bills to be paid, home work to be done, rooms to be cleaned, clothes to be washed, contacts to be met, and golf to be played. My wife understands, my husband is cool; sure he would have loved to cuddle up just a tad bit longer in bed, but hey, the kids are up, and I need to get in an hour and half of Pilates today since I didn’t get in enough exercise during the week, and I had some unhealthy late night pick- me-ups while working on that brief that was due for work. And God, oh, He understands, He is my high priest who knows exactly how I feel, and knows my shortcomings, so He understands when I say a fly-thru prayer and do a while- I- brush- my- teeth devotion. But is that really okay with God? Even God had a day of rest, and made it a law because He knew man would not voluntarily take a breather. Life shouldn’t be all go, go, go; there has got to be a sane moment in your day; a quality time of intimacy with your God and first lover, and definitely another one with your spouse. Spend a picturesque moment in devotion with God every day, a time worth capturing, being enthralled by Him. Trust us, if you could make a habit of loving on God, no matter how crazy your day gets, you will find it a tad bit easier to spend more picturesque moments with your husband or wife. You would find more time to make romance happen outside of your bedroom, and smack in the middle of all the hustle and bustle.

So, pencil it into your calendar, phone or outlook, and create a picturesque moment with your spouse every day; you ‘d be surprised at how much it helps you both stay connected to each other and to your life source- God.