For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother and cleave unto his wife…
(Matt 19:5)

Marriage has been under attack all over the world since the beginning of time. This is because marriage is the one relationship that best mirrors the relationship between God and man, and Christ and the church. Marriage is the one relationship that has the power to counter every attack of the enemy; the power and weapon of oneness, the main characteristic of the God head – God the father God the Son and God the Holy Spirit, working together at all times as one. The enemy threatens marriages because the godly marriage is the biggest arsenal against the enemy. The Godly marriage is the one that typifies God’s intended desire for man and woman to dwell together once again as one, not just through the coming together of their flesh but through the dying to flesh that will result in oneness.
The power of this oneness in Spirit is what the enemy is afraid of. The act of coming together takes a God-enabled selflessness and the result of the coming together is the powerful weapon of oneness. This oneness was God’s original intention. The first marriage was attacked by the enemy, and marriages are still being attacked today.
Everywhere we turn there is a battle against marriages, a battle that does not discriminate by age, color or social status, and this battle must be won, starting now! At Hagneia, we want to bring back the truth that never changes, the absolute truth that can set every marriage free from the lies of their past or present circumstances and from the lies of society. We want to turn you to the creator of all things, and the one who thought up this great thing called marriage, and we want to remind you that with Him at the center of your home, marriage can be all you ever hoped it could be and much more. We want to come alongside you and discover everything God intended for the man and his woman when he joined them together.