Marriage Byte exists to help marriages in the body of Christ discover the “CAUSE” for which they have been joined together and stay united in its fulfillment. We want to to see the body of Christ void of divorce, where every marriage is bound together by the “CAUSE” according Matthew 19:4-7, and committed to being together in unconditional love and selflessness.

Marriage has been under attack all over the world since the beginning of time. This is because marriage is the one relationship that best mirrors the relationship between God and man, the relationship between Christ and the church. Marriage is the one relationship that has the power to counter every attack of the enemy, the power and weapon of oneness, the main characteristic f the God head – God the father the God the Son and God the Holy Spirit, working together at all times as one. Jesus said, I and the father are one. We can achieve this by focusing on the 4G's - See more at:

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Why Support Our Vision?

  • It's time believers know the truth about Gods desire for marriage
  • It's time believers understand that there is power in the covenant of marriage
  • It's time the singles know how to choose a life partner
  • It's time married couples discover and fulfill the purpose for which they have been joined together .