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October 22, 2015
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October 22, 2015
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Arise O Queen, Your King Needs You

Every man was created to dominate, rule and reign in their own domain. Each man was created with the gift of kingship over his own domain, and that domain is his house; we can also refer to it as his kingdom;  the domain of which he is king.

When you think of a kingdom and its king, you imagine the king as the man who makes the tough decisions, and as the one who must seek counsel to deal the affairs of his people and provide solutions that will address their issues and advance their well being. You must be able to imagine what a tough job that must be! For the purposes of this discussion, let us assume we are talking about a good king who really cares about his people, not some wicked dictator.

So, in parallel comparison, every good man is tasked with the issues of his family’s wellbeing, how to care for them today, and secure a better future for them. In the midst of so many things around him and within him; both external and internal factors, he must rise above every circumstance and be the good king of his own domain.

He must seek godly counsel on how to get his people over several humps and unto to the next level,  and possibly be faces with so many issues that may cause him to lie awake and turn and toss in bed at night…this, we suppose is where his queen must come into the picture.

In an earlier discussion, we talked about Esther and Vashti, the one who spoke to the king in the man, and the one who responded to the fool. It is during these times of difficulty when the king’s wise men and advisers do not have an answer for that which troubles him that he turns to his queen in their most intimate moments together; he relies heavily their partnership to rid the troubles that plague their kingdom, and she reaches deep within herself for whatever has been deposited in her to help stir their house, family and home in the right direction (Indeed, two is better than one). At times like this, she can choose to point out his weaknesses or fan his strength, knowing that if she doesn’t rise up to the strength of the queen within her, they are bound to sink together.

Seriously, when there is a “kingdom” to rule, we mean one going somewhere and making impact and advancing the works of the great kingdom of heaven of which it is a sub kingdom, the king, his queen, and the members of his cabinet are not in one long slumber of “happily ever after” , no way Hosea!, until the kingdom of the Home office of Heaven is firmly established here on the earth, they must be aware that there is a wicked enemy always prowling around to steal from them, kill them and destroy their LEGACY, no wonder the bible puts it in that order, to steal, kill and destroy.

The enemy can certainly steal from you, but you can recover, he can kill you but your work can continue through your successors, but his ultimate finishing point is to destroy your legacy, because your legacy can certainly live on strongly long after you are gone. So, at all times, the king and his queen must always be on the offense, building up one another; hence the need for the king to develop his queen and wing-man.