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October 22, 2015
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October 22, 2015
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Attention, Interruptions and Distractions

I sincerely believe that whatever you pay attention to owns you. According to the dictionary definition of the word attention, it is the concentration of the mind on a single object or thought, or the capacity to maintain selective or sustained concentration. Selective in this context implies an intentional choice to concentrate, and sustained means to do so for a determined period of time without YIELDING or GIVING way. So in essence, if I am to give attention to something; it is expected of me to intentionally concentrate on the subject for a determined period of time without yielding or giving way. But as we pay attention, some things creep up from nowhere, without invitation and expectation; and these are called distractions. Distractions are the interruptions and obstacles to concentration. It is almost impossible to concentrate on anything without the fear of distractions lurking around somewhere. As we concentrate on a nice quiet end-of-the-day intimate dinner with the family, the telephone or doorbell rings, as we settle down to listen to the preacher’s sermon, we are called into the nursery, as our kids settle down in class to learn, mischievous Allie begins to giggle uncontrollably. And the classic one, a lot of men know about this: just as the wife comes into bed in her beautiful lingerie and intoxicating fragrance, the baby decides to wake up for a feeding, how perfect!

But we cannot let the ever present awareness of distractions stop us from concentration on our spouse. Concentration is necessary if we are to achieve the level of joyful intimacy and fulfillment that we desire in our marriages. As we believe, if whatever we pay attention to truly owns us then it is time we paid better attention to our God and our spouses. Both relationships with your God and your spouse require a huge amount of your attention if they are to be prosperous. Your concentration on your vertical relationship with your God and your horizontal relationship with your husband or wife needs to be intentional; the predetermined period for which you have signed up to concentrate on the subject Harry or Sally is forever. On the day you were married to Harry, you made an intentional commitment to concentrate on Harry for the rest of your lives, just as you made a commitment to concentrate on Sally for the rest of your lives when you married her. And in the very same way, when we accepted Christ into our lives, we made an intentional, unforced, non-violent commitment to concentrate on Him forever.

Concentrating on your spouse does not mean that distractions will not come; it simply means you are to have a plan of attack on how to dispose of them, on how to ensure that you do not yield or give way to them. Concentrating on your husband without interruptions and distractions does not mean the children will not whine and the house will find a way to clean itself, it simply means, there has got to be a plan to handle those little foxes that spoil the vine. Similarly, concentrating on your wife does not mean that career and financial security and little Ms Thing from accounting may not make passes at you, it simply means you just need to have a plan that will not yield ack when these uninvited guests come to distract you.

Watch out for little signs that tell that you are being distracted, little things such as not noticing her new hairdo, or nails or his new shave or fragrance. Little things have a way of telling us we need to get back on course, and if you have not heard from God lately, then you know you are distracted.

Keep the distractions out, and the concentration going on and your marriage will benefit from a whole new level of attention.