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December 8, 2015
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December 8, 2015
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Destiny versus Ambition

Patchi dinosaur was laying as though dead, beaten and almost crushed to death by his big brother Scowler, he was trapped under a fallen tree, but he couldn’t be bothered to find any strength left in him to get up from under it, he had been laying there for what it seemed like hours, for now it was dark and the flesh eating Drodans were out for the feast, they circled around him, waiting for one of them to take the first peck at the gigantic feast for which no one had worked. Alex the insect eating bird called out to his best friend Patchi, in what seemed to be the last of many attempts to talk him in to living, to make him desire to live and to give him something to live and fight for, then he said the words that caught my attention, “Don’t confuse ambition with destiny”.

Don’t confuse ambition with destiny. Destiny is worth fighting for; it’s worth the discontent that comes with knowing you were meant for more. Destiny is accompanied by courage against all odds in spite of what might seem like natural disadvantages. The type of courage that does not pretend like fear isn’t there, but the one that surfaces in the face of fear, and strives for destiny, God’s preferred destination for you. Ambition is defined by a selfish, self-promoting end, while destiny is defined by a God glorifying and human serving end. Destiny is led by a God given compass;¬†ambition is led by a self-drawn map. Note, I said compass NOT map. A map is usually drawn complete, but with a compass you are in constant need of God’s divinely given instructions for your direction.

Destiny seeks the glory of the one who sent him, ambition seeks personal glory. Destiny seeks the approval of God; ambition seeks the approval of man. John 7:18