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November 13, 2015
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December 8, 2015
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For This Cause

For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother and cleave to his wife. This is a rather popular verse of the scriptures that is often quoted without much thought, with most people not realizing how weighty it really is. This verse by itself reveals the binding force that should help a lot of us in the process of fireproofing our marriages. It would be naive to think that the fires and storms will not come and test our marriages, but when they do, we are expected to stay strong and remain intact.

Often times a lot of us don’t think about taking the “D” word out of our vocabulary the moment we say “I DO”, hence it is often thought about as a way out at the slightest application of heat or as the highly coveted second chance. Sometimes, it is even used as a repeated second chance, over and over again, with a number of broken hearts in its trail.

Before we go too far in this discussion, I think we need to go back and ask ourselves what God meant by “for this cause…” Have you ever wondered what cause? As a woman, have you ever wondered: what is this almighty reason for which he (the man) has left his family to be enjoined to me? Think about this for a second, a cause is the primary reason or focus point or target that keeps you going, it keeps you committed and forces you to remain consistent until it is accomplished. A cause propels us to an end.

In the book of Habakkuk, we are told to write the vision, make it plain, so that all who see it may run with it, that they may find it easy to identify with so that they can make it happen. The same goes for your marriage; what is the cause, its purpose, the vision, why has He handpicked one from the east to be enjoined with another from the west…? Why did He go to such great lengths to see to it that we met, and are married today? Is it just by coincidence, just because, or because of the prospect of something greater than either or both of you?

As you start the final quarter of the year, take a step back to evaluate your marriage and the cause? What was the vision, the purpose, the driving force that you both were excited about at the beginning of the year? What is the cause that you both were convinced about before the “I do’s “? Where are you on the road to accomplishing that cause? Are you still on course or has life happened and caused you to forget the cause and you are just so far off course? For some of us, it’s been weeks, months, years or even decades since the nuptials, and the cause is no longer a binding force. At this time of the year, most companies are coming to the end of their fiscal year, and people are been pressured to make sure that the year’s goals are accomplished before the close of the year? Don’t you think the same is necessary for your lifetime union and partnership? We believe marriages need to be evaluated by both parties more often than we would like to admit so that we can ascertain that we are still on course for the cause. In some cases, the cause may not even be as spiritual and religious as we may want to describe it, and for some the weight of nations depends on it. But if you are yet to discover your cause, then seek God, find Him, hold unto Him, and He will show you the great and mighty cause, and when you know it, own it, guard it jealously, and run with it. Every union counts, and everyone has a unique cause that is waiting to be fulfilled.

It is our prayer that in seeking and knowing God together, you will get to know yourselves better and discover the cause for your unique union in Jesus’ name.