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October 22, 2015
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October 22, 2015
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Escape Route

EscapeRouteAccording to God’s undeniable word in 1 Corinthians 10:13, we are told and encouraged that no temptation, trial, testing, proving, adverse situation or circumstance is new, uncommon to man or beyond human capacity, but God is faithful to His word to see to it that you are not tried beyond what you can bear, and even in the middle of the adversity He will provide a way of escape, a way out, a resolution so that you will be able to patiently endure the trial with your faith in God.

As we sat down under the preaching of the word today, being encouraged about God’s ability to heal every disease and affliction known to man; we thought about the marriage institution, and how the marriages of so many of God’s children have been plagued with all sorts of infirmities, and afflictions. We realized that it would be short sighted of us to think that the above scripture alluded only to sin not realizing that the true Greek translation of that word “temptation” also refers to trials, tests and adverse conditions. And just like adverse conditions come in everyday life, they will come in our marriage relationships too but we must believe God’s word that says none of these situations are so peculiar that no one else has ever experienced them and believe strongly that God is able to see us through them and provide a way of escape so that we will be able to patiently wait out these storms.

Every one of us has the responsibility of believing God’s word and applying it to every area of our lives. And in this case, we have been awarded God’s promise of a way out of every adverse condition that may dare to afflict us. It is our responsibility to trust completely in God’s love, His compassion, and His plan for our lives, and not give into the adverse situation or let it dictate the rest of our lives. We cannot let the trials of today abort our destinies and lead us to the divorce courts to call it quit on our marriages. We have to take the reins of our situations and subject them to the name, word and promises of Christ, so that we can effect a change. How we come out of every adverse situation is largely dependent on what we choose to believe; that He can heal our situations and give us the grace to go through patiently and come out better or that our case is so special and unique He can’t do anything about it. We can choose to keep owning the troubles that come our way or we can choose to let Him Christ take and deal with them in exchange for His peace and His purpose.

So we ask of you? As it regards your marriage, what do you believe? What do you believe about God and what He has done and can do for your marriage? What do you believe He can turn your troubles and trials and testing into? Can He turn them into a proving of your marriage relationship and showcase the true strength you both possess when you work together in unity and in Him or are you going to give up and be knocked about by your circumstances? The word is there, the promises are there; it is your choice to make; be healed and be made whole or keep shopping for your own solution.