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December 8, 2015
Put On Your Full Armor & Keep It OnPart 1
December 8, 2015
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In My Heels: A different Horizon

The other day, I tasked my daughter with the not-so-fun chore of arranging my shoes so that I could easily find and slip them on. As they were displayed, I realized the varying height of the heels; 2”, 3” all the way to 5  ¼ inch heel pumps. Then the funniest thing happened, she decided to turn her chore into fun and try the shoes on. She giggled at how they made her walk and how tall she became in them, and she seemed to enjoy the view from 5 inches higher. As I took in the sight, I realized something about me; I have always enjoyed wearing high heeled shoes; my mother wore them, my sister wears them, and they certainly bring me closer to my husband’s horizon at 6’ 4.5” tall. Mind you, on my tallest days, I tower at 5’ 2” so the height difference between my husband me is quite obvious.
But as I relished my daughter’s delight in these shoes, I realized that what the shoes do for me is what the WORD does for my spirit man.  See, in my natural senses, there is so much of God that I can’t comprehend, so much of his instructions that are harder to obey and so much of His ways that are too illogical. However, with my Spiritual heels on, the WORD as my thinking cap that renews my mind and gets me unstuck out of the confines of logic and human sensibility, I can relate with God – spirit to Spirit. I can look at my life and see through a different perspective because my horizon isn’t from 5’2” but from a much higher and deeper realm. It is because of my spiritual heels that I discern between the fact of my life and the truth about my life. The fact says I am ill but the truth says I am Healed. The fact says I am “broke” but the truth says I am Rich. The fact says I am weak, but the truth says I am strong. The fact says this is disease is incurable, but the truth says, with God nothing shall be impossible. Because of my spiritual heels, the weather up here says bright and sunny while the weather down there says cloudy and raging storms. Why can I believe these disparaging thoughts, because one of them is a fact, and it can be changed- facts change all the time, while the other one is the Truth, and it is not debatable or unchangeable – it is Absolute!  But if I go out every day without my spiritual heels, I will be forced to conform my daily experience to the factual weather report as opposed to the weather up here that speaks God’s truth to me and causes me to hold unto Him regardless of what may be going on down there. No wonder, when John was privileged to see and write the book of Revelations, at some point, the angel invited him up saying, “Come up higher, and I will show you things…” (Rev 4:1)

I am sure well know that shoes are important, and when we leave home for work and everything else we do, we have the choice to wear flats or heels; 2” or 5”, it all depends on your preference (guys, I guess if you really wanted to wear heels, you could get away with men’s platform shoes like they did in the sixties, though I wouldn’t advise it!). But when it comes to going out daily in our spiritual heels; it’s not a choice, it’s a MUST! Otherwise, we will be tossed to and fro by everything that happens around us.

Get your Spiritual heels on and secure the right horizon. What’s the weather like up there?