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October 22, 2015
Is Love Ever Enough?
October 22, 2015
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Intentional Love

According to the dictionary, the word “intentional” means to do something with intention or on purpose. Often times, the things we do are intentional; hardly do we ever find ourselves doing something without purpose or intention. We eat to satisfy our hunger or our taste buds, we talk because we have something to convey; sensible or not, we go to work because we have responsibilities and financial obligations, we make love to express our desire for our spouse… We do so many things for a purpose or with an intention. Things just don’t play out; if you want to quench your thirst, find something to drink, if you want a friend, go out there and make one. Everything in life is done with some sort of intention or purpose, whether it is thought through or not.

Recently, I found myself going through the day feeling like I had not spent enough time with God. I found myself promising to make more time, wake up earlier, have shorter days and make everything less time consuming just so that I could spend more time with Him. I did this day after day feeling so horribly until He whispered, “You have to be intentional.” I had heard this earlier, but not in regard to my relationship with Him, and I realized that if I choose to get out of bed every morning thinking I will squeeze God in somewhere in the middle of my day, I will never have quality time with Him, at best, it will be a fly by hello that is void of any substance. But if my plan, purpose or intention is to spend some real time with Him, then I am going to need to be intentional about it. I am going to need to put it in my calendar, in my scheduler, in my outlook, as a reminder on my phone or simply get myself out of bed earlier than I usually do and set up a ‘first thing’ date with Him EVERY MORNING. Life has a way of happening such that what isn’t planned falls through the cracks. I am sure that when we were all courting or dating, no matter how busy we got, we were intentional about the way we showed love; we planned the dinner, we planned the whole evening or day or weekend, even down to the mood, just to show our love and ascertain that everything went as planned, we made sure the time together was lovingly memorable so that the other person always wanted more.

So, I have to ask; is there anything about you and God that is still intentional? Is your seeking and loving Him intentional at all cost? Do you think your time with Him is lovingly memorable at all? How about you and your spouse? Is there anything that is still being done that is lovingly memorable? Are there any intentional love actions? Are you being intentional about loving your husband or wife? Are you still making time at all cost to give them top quality in all that you do? Love God intentionally by spending time in Him on purpose, we are not referring to just going to church and going through the motions. And love your spouse intentionally; once again we are not referring to just going to some movie once in a while. Love is nurtured in an atmosphere of CONSISTENCY, so make sure your ‘being intentional’ is not once in a while occurrence but a lifestyle.

If you have never asked or accepted the Lord Jesus Christ into your life, there is no better time than now. Jesus is indeed coming back sooner than later; make sure that when He returns you are ready for Him; you and your household. Say the following prayer in reverence, wherever you are, and let today be a new birth date for you.
Lord Jesus, please forgive me of my sins, I confess and believe that you are Lord, and I receive you into my heart to be my Lord, I receive your forgiveness and ask that you come and take over and live through me and in me. Thank you for dying for me and for receiving me into God’s family.

That’s it. You are welcome into the family!