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October 22, 2015
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October 22, 2015
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Is Love Ever Enough?

A wife once asked her husband, is love ever enough? Is it possible that your love for me just might not be enough to secure our marriage? He wondered where these thoughts came from, but their source was not the issue, after all, she is a woman, and just like the rest of them they have a way of over analyzing and over thinking stuff. I did not know what answer to give her either, and I did not try to, but she went on and said, “we profess how much we love the Lord, and yet we are often unfaithful to Him; worshiping, loving and chasing after everything else but Him, we do things that no child of His should, and we still think we love Him.”

So it really got me thinking about it all… The only thing God said is: John 3:16, “For God so loved the world…”, and from my simple understanding of this simple verse, Love is all it took. Love was the only ingredient that made God give up Christ, and Love was the only push that took Christ all the way to the cross. So yes, Love can be enough, true love, the agape, God kind of Divine love. But you say, at some point Christ asked if the cross could be taken away from Him in the garden of Gethsemane, so may be love wasn’t enough or it wasn’t the only ingredient. And now you are wondering, where does that leave me, where does that leave the security of marriage, can my wife’s professed love for me keep her faithful to me and only me, can my husband’s promise really be kept till death us do part, is there any hope for us? Yes, Yes, Yes. Because really and truly all you really need is the God kind of love. The God kind of love is the love that took Jesus beyond Calvary, the God kind of love is the love that keeps your hubby’s feet walking on past the most tempting lips, hips and finger tips he ever saw, it is the God kind of love that keeps your wife’s ears deaf to the sweet nothings of that “all complete” guy from accounting…the God kind of love.

Okay, what is this God kind of love? We already told you, it is the divine agape love of God; it is the DECISION making love. A while back, we discussed “love is a decision”; it is still in the group archives. This love is enough because it is fueled by a decision; the decision to go all the way got Christ beyond the agony in Gethsemane, the decision to stay faithful to her and fearful of God caused that committed hubby to die a promise keeper, the decision to be always be by his side caused that good wife to remain a virtuous woman against all odds.

So, what are we saying? That love can be enough and that yes, if you have the God kind of love, it is enough. The survival of your marriage does not depend on what you can do for yourselves, but on what the God kind of love can help you do. So go on, start today, and make the decision to be guided by the God kind of love, and let this love lead you back to the heart of your savior and help you stay true to your marriage.

Remain in a passionate monogamy,