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October 22, 2015
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October 22, 2015
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Marriage, not Convenience

Marriage is not supposed to be a relationship of convenience; if your idea of marriage is an arrangement that will offer you perpetual convenience then you are yet to really understand “this” most important and sacred relationship amongst humans.

When we think of convenience, we think of anything that adds to one’s ease or comfort. This is not to say that marriage should not be comforting or peaceful; rather, that it will be a place of comfort and peace if you are willing and able to choose sacrifice over your personal convenience. To sacrifice is to surrender something prized or desirable for the sake of something else that is considered as having a higher value. So if the beautiful union between you and your wife, and the blessing that your home enjoys because of God’s approval on your marriage are of higher value to you, then you will find yourself making those sacrificial choices over your own personal convenience. Maybe for you, it’s giving up your man cave for a reading den that everyone can enjoy or your two-door sports coupe for a more family friendly SUV or your golf day with the guys for an intimate picnic with her or your mom’s therapeutic shopping sprees for a vacation savings or the 5 AM snooze for a time of prayer that will provide a great deal of benefit for you, your spouse and your family as you become a better man or woman, husband or wife, father or mother because of the time in His presence.

The life of Christ is a perfect example to learn from, His life even to the very end was one of sacrifice over convenience; His choice to come to the earth, to be poor so we could be rich, to suffer to the point of death on a cross all exemplified sacrifice over convenience.

So what say you? Sacrifice or Convenience?