Seun and Abi believe that marriage is solely God’s idea, and can only be enjoyed to its maximum if it’s done God’s way.

They both hold dearly the call of God over their lives, and where first called out in 2005 to serve God through the Kingdom Faith International Church. They believe in the power of the word to provide the solution to any life’s issues and as the final umpire in all things.

Since they accepted the call of God on their lives, Seun and Abi have been counseling couples, young and old, engaged and married, and offering them all the help they can through the Holy Spirit. They have opened up their home and given countless hours to those who would come seeking help to enjoy the benefits of this good thing called marriage; sharing personal and ongoing experiences of their friendship, courtship, marriage and the pains of service in the ministry while starting and raising a young family at the same time.

Seun and Abi believe that marriage can be better today than it was yesterday, better tomorrow than it is today, and with the help of the Holy Spirit it can be all it was “cracked up to be and then some.”

Seun’s life assignment can be summed up in the 4G’s

And for those who are already married, the last step is to “Stay Married” They also believe that every couple should have a committed life of intimacy with God, both as a couple and individually, thus Abi is passionate about teaching others to pursue a life of intimacy with God.