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The fighter Pilot & His Wing Man

David’s dream was to be a fighter pilot; he had always wanted to be one ever since he was a little boy. His father told him stories from the world war and that ignited his passion the more. One afternoon while having lunch with his family, the door bell rang and his father got up to get the door. Suddenly there was a loud “Yes he did it” echoing from the hall way as his father rushed back to the dining area and handed David the letter of acceptance into one of the most prestigious fighter pilot training schools in the area. Finally David’s dream was becoming a reality. He had just two weeks before reporting for training.

On the morning of the big day, David’s parents drove him to the training facility, it was a magnificent establishment and both David and his parents were impressed. Just as he was about to step out of the car and bid his parents good bye, his father pulled him to the side and reminded him of the importance to paying attention, and carefully selecting the best when choosing a wing man. He then proceeded to remind him that his life depended on his ability to learn all he could as well as making sure both him and his wing man were always on the same page.

About eight months had passed and David was well ahead in his training to becoming a fighter pilot. All pilots had been notified that the wing man selection was coming up, and that all fighter pilots would get the opportunity to select their wing man. David was a little nervous because all he could remember was his father’s sayings. The day came and David made his selection. It was a huge ceremony and his parents were in attendance as well as his friends and some relatives. The final training chapter of becoming a fighter pilot had just begun and soon his dream would be realized.

The last few months before graduation were the toughest for David, because he realized that he was responsible not only for his success, but also the success and achievements of his wing man, they were one. For the first time in his life, he had to share every piece of information both personal and professional with his wing man, they knew each other, and their lives depended on each other. During this process, he realized the importance and the reason why his father stressed on the careful selection of a wing man because the role of a good wing man is to distract the enemy, backup the pilot, protect the pilot at all cost, communicate effectively enemy attacks that the does not see coming, and be supportive of the pilots decisions even they do not make much sense.

Note to the husbands out there, it is your responsibility to make sure that your wife is your wing man. God has given her to you to nurture and develop. You are responsible for inspiring her, teaching her from the word of God, and making her all that God has called her to be, endeavoring to support her with her dreams, goals, and aspirations. Why do I say this? Remember just like David’s life depended on his wing man, your life, your success, your fulfilling purpose and destiny depends on your wife. You will never see a general who intends on wining a battle, take a bunch on untrained, uninspired, and unprepared soldiers to war and expect to bring home the victory.

You may be wondering how to go about making your wife your wing man, but first we would like to implore you to take some time to meditate on this and prayerfully request the help of the Holy Spirit for this journey as we provide you with some practical tips that have been a blessing to us.