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October 22, 2015
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October 22, 2015
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The Good Friday

This time last week we were in the wake of GOOD Friday. And as we celebrated that painful day when our loving savior was nailed to the cross, some asked and wondered, “What is so good about it? Why is it called a “good” Friday anyway? It is still work, work, work, bills, bills, bills, the annoying husband, the nagging wife and the crazy kids.

Really, what is so good about today?” If I may provide an answer, it is called a good Friday because it signifies the day that the ‘goodest’ thing any man could ever do was done by dying on a cross for the sake of another. What other act could possibly be that good or kinder and more loving? On this day called Good Friday, Jesus the one and only man who ever walked the earth and succeeded at remaining good the entire time was crucified and took on all the bad of man to redeem man. He suffered the worst of punishments and became the ultimate sacrifice just so that you and I could have a chance at the ‘good’ life if we wanted it.

What is the good life? The good life is the embodiment of all the good that God desires for His children about whom He is so passionate. The good life is a good marriage, good health, good relationships all around, good kids, good finances, pretty much the good everything. Christ suffered it all on that Good Friday, never for once giving up when it got tougher, or when the betrayal hit hard; He did not walk away when they committed Him to the cross even though He could have called for a legion of angels to fight on His behalf. Like a lamb to the slaughter He followed humbly, to be beaten, scourged, branded by jagged edged bonny whips and crowned with thorns while His brows dripped blood, and as if that was not enough He was nailed hands and feet to a cross. Could you imagine that? And if you could, your imagination couldn’t come close to the magnitude of what really happened on that day. We all weep at the passion of the Christ movie, yet that was child’s play compared to all that He suffered.

So, why the grueling picture? Why have we gone to such pains to make you relive the pains that the passionate Christ suffered? Why, why, why? It is for no reason other than to make you know what was done for you, your life and your marriage on that good day. It is so that you will stop being Mr. & Mrs. Good guys and get angry at the devil and his schemes to destroy your life and marriage. The devil has always been against every God inspired idea and your marriage is no different, he wants to wear you out until you give up and walk out on your spouse and children and God’s plan for you both. So quit, just QUIT IT, stop being Mr. Good and playing nice with the devil, get angry and get passionate about your marriage and God’s plan for both your lives. It was Good Friday thousands of years ago and Jesus already went all the way for you, His passion for you and your GOOD made Him stick it out when He could have quitted, and when the pain and hurt got too much, instead of screaming for an angelic legion, He groaned in pain and prayed for his killers.

So what say you? Are you going to get some passion for your marriage and be BAD at the devil and his schemes so that you can lay hold of the GOOD for which HE went to the cross for you, or are you going to sit around and let the devil talk, deceive and push you out of all your ‘good’? I hope you opt for the former.

In your corner,