The Good Friday
October 22, 2015
The Perfect Marriage
October 22, 2015
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The Passover

As we celebrate this season of Passover and Easter, it is very important that we take some time to reflect on what this season signifies in our personal lives as well as our marriage relationship. As we were taught tonight, Passover is the celebration of the time that God took His people out of bondage into freedom and into the promised land. It is also the time that we celebrate how God showed His mighty hand to the Egyptian Pharaoh by separating His people and shielding them from the last 7 of the 10 plagues that were unleashed on Egypt because of the stubbornness of the pharaoh. The Lord made it very clear in Exodus 8:22-23 that He would put a difference between His people and the Egyptians, and that He would protect His people and their land from any of the plagues that would befall the rest of Egypt. And He did.

Pardon us for preaching to you, but here is the point we want to get across; every one of those plagues represent the evils of our day; from sickness to the devastation of wealth and family. But just as He protected His people then, He is willing to protect us too. God does not desire that we suffer any of these plagues along with our world; remember, we may be living on the earth but we are not of the earth. So if it God’s desire that we are protected from the devastation ravaging the world, do you not think He desires that same protection for your home and marriage too? God’s desire is not to see your marriage become part of a sad statistic but that it stands out with a clear difference to the world. He desires that your marriage becomes the relationship that will show the world around you how to walk in the manifestation of the promises He has for you concerning your union. He desires that everything that constitutes your marriage; the emotional, physical, spiritual, financial stays protected from the plagues of this world.

You might be thinking, “wow this is some good information…” and not know what to do with it. We challenge you to step into this season of Passover and declare that every evil passes over you, your marriage, home, children, health, finances, career etc. Take advantage of this season and get more intimate with God, take the blood of Jesus and mark all that is yours with it so that you are a no-go territory to the enemy and his devastation. And finally, speak life into every area of your marriage that is dead to God, pray that the resurrection power that raised Christ from the dead will go into your marriage and resurrect every good thing that is dead between you and your spouse; whether it is your passion for each other, your intimacy, your finances or your prayer life together.

This season of Passover ends on Monday, so do all that you can over this weekend to see to it that your marriage experiences the joy of Passover and the power of the resurrection. Remain prayerful and alert as you trust God to separate your marriage from that of the world.