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October 22, 2015
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October 22, 2015
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What Love Is Not

God is love (1 John 4:8), and this is about the most direct description of God that can be found in the bible. Also, according to the doctrine of the trinity, God is one with His Spirit, and the bible says the fruit, singular term “Fruit”, of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, long suffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self control (Gal 5:22-23). Please notice that the bible does not say the fruits of the Spirit are…

A fruit is a product or off spring of something, and as such, a tree is known by the type of fruit it bears. Just as an orange tree cannot bear apples, so the fruit of a godly life cannot be evil doing and maliciousness. If we all agree that God is love, and HE and the Holy spirit are one, then it is logical to infer that the Holy Spirit is LOVE too, and the fruit of LOVE are the same as the Fruit of the Spirit as listed above.

Whew! Hopefully you are not confused. With that said, we can certainly point out that there are so many relationships in our society that have a warped idea of what love is. Therefore our title today is “What love is not”. According to the word of God, any exhibition within your marriage and home that is contrary to the fruit of the Holy Spirit is not love. It is not love when you are always impatient with your wife or husband, it is not love when you lack the self discipline and self control that will lead to you bettering yourself so that you can be a better husband or wife and parent, it is not love when you have become so familiar with your spouse that sometimes your actions are borderline unkind, it is not love when you cannot exhibit meekness within your marriage and you squander your family’s finances instead of saving and investing. It is not love when you cannot honor and respect your wife or husband, and you talk down at them and make them feel worthless. It is not love when you cannot put the needs of your husband or wife before yours. It is not love when you cannot spend quality time with your husband or wife and children. There are simply too many things that go on within marriages today that are totally ANTI GOD, anti the Holy Ghost and have become the norm in a lot of homes, even in Christian homes, but need to stop today. It is not love when you do not esteem your husband or wife more highly than yourself. It just isn’t love!

As a matter of fact, while reading the above passage again, I realized that the singular word “fruit”, refers to ONE FRUIT bearing all these different characteristics. Simply put, the ONE characteristic of the Holy Spirit is Love, Joy, Peace…So if these Seven are the ONE characteristic of the Spirit that we have defined as LOVE, then how can we truly have one part without the other six parts or six parts without the one? How do you have one seventh of the Holy Spirit? How do you have a fraction of the Holy Spirit and not the rest of Him? How do you have an onion that is missing one or most of its layers? Often times we deceive ourselves into thinking “well, I am very patient, I only need to be self disciplined or I am meek, I only need to be long suffering…But the truth is this one ‘Fruit”, consists of the whole package; it consists of all seven parts; certainly not one without the six or six without the one. So examine your lives and make sure this is the case, that you have all parts present so that you and your husband or wife can truly benefit from the FRUIT of LOVE. Love is always complete, lacking nothing, just as God is complete.

We know this seems to be a tough one, but it is only a challenge to come up higher in our LOVE walk, the GOD walk, the SPIRIT walk. It is a call to challenge us to hold on ever more tightly to God, so that through His Spirit, you and yours can experience LOVE COMPLETELY. There is no such thing as partial, incomplete or fractional love; you either have it or you don’t. So go on and exhibit all the ONE fruit of love to your wife or husband and to the world so that we can correct their warped view of God‘s love that HE gave to humanity.