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October 22, 2015
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November 13, 2015
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Wife Insurance

I recently heard a brother crack a respectable and well-meaning joke about his pastor; saying that when he observed his pastor at a McDonald’s restaurant with his three children while his wife was away on a speaking engagement, he concluded that his pastor needed a whole lot of WIFE insurance. I, along with everyone else, laughed at the joke since the pastor in question was also our pastor. I understood what he meant by Wife insurance as he took time to elaborate on the following thought; if husbands where to pay for every single service their wife did them, they would need a whole lot of wife insurance if she suddenly passed on and different service providers were employed to do all that she did, not even considering that one special role that only she can play as the woman and wife.

It is all well and good to laugh at the joke and coinage of the phrase, ‘wife insurance’ but it would be to our demise if we failed to focus on the more serious actions of ensuring a comfortable future for our loved ones should we be called home earlier than we could ever have anticipated. The subject of life insurance is one that a lot do not take seriously since there is no governing body to enforce it, and I have recently become convinced that every responsible married individual ought to have a life insurance policy that will offer their spouse a life of integrity and financial security in the event of their death. Not only does it offer peace of mind and a good memorial of you after you are gone, it could also serve as an inheritance for your children; the bible says a good man leaves an inheritance for his children and his children’s children. Please be aware that this does not negate the need for you to amass something tangible for your children and grandchildren neither is it a suggestion for you to depend on life insurance as the sole source of the inheritance you plan to leave behind, it is simply offering you a different perspective on the importance and usefulness of life insurance.

The bible says that the children of this world are more cunning in their dealings than the children of light, they seem to know what to do, what must be done and how it is to be done, and so, it is time for us to get smart too, and step into God’s common sense and so that we can start talking about the everyday practical things that are necessary for every marriage while we are still on this side of eternity.

So we implore you today, if you do not have a life insurance policy that will care for your final expenses and allow your spouse to keep living a financially dignified life when you pass on, let that be your #1 to do chore at the opening of business on Tuesday. It has been said that for the cost of one pizza a month you can almost guarantee a secure future for your family. So what say ye, to protect or not to protect your loved ones?

Remain in passionate monogamy,