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October 22, 2015
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October 22, 2015
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Your Mind and Your Strength

Between Deuteronomy 6:5 and Matthew 22:37, we are admonished to love the Lord with all our heart, all our soul, all our mind and all our strength. It seems of all these four, loving the Lord with all our mind and strength are the least understood. We all seem to have an innate understanding of loving with all of our heart and loving with all of our soul; probably because we have been taught that we feel with our heart, and also because the soul is that immaterial part of a person that we believe should feel everything the heart feels.

Much attention has not been paid to loving with the mind and strength though they are just as important. The Mind is that place where intellect and consciousness are experienced as combinations of thought, perception, memory, emotion, will and imagination, including all unconscious cognitive processes. The mind is often used to refer to the thought processes of reason. It is also considered to be responsible for one’s thoughts and feelings; the seat of the faculty of reason. And Strength is synonymous to power, force, might; it is the capacity to do something. So when we really think about it, there really shouldn’t be a moment in the life or day of the believer that is not centered on loving God. Since all of our mind ought to be on loving Him, it simply means that every thought reasoned should be reasoned through “loving God”, every idea, every logic should be processed through loving God.

Let’s be more practical; as regards Strength, our daily dose of capacity to do something should be focused on loving God. Technically, no believer has the right to exhaust their strength on anything but on Him. We are not saying we shouldn’t do anything at all, but that God’s intention is that we are not so overworked mentally and physically that He now gets the left-overs of our mind and strength. Rather, HE is supposed to be the center, around whom every other activity, thought, feelings, ideas and intellectual reasoning all revolve. Think about it: do you want to be thought of last and least by your spouse, do you want his or her way of expressing love to you to be on the bottom of his or her daily to do list? Just as you selfishly want your spouse’s world to revolve around you, so should your life revolve around loving God. So, say ‘no more’ to being too tired to express your love to God or to show it, know that you are no longer allowed to exhaust your mind thinking about everything else while you simply drop Him a few glances here and there. God desires that you love Him with all your Heart, Soul, Mind and Strength. That means your mind should be exhausted on strategizing on loving Him, expressing it and showing it; your strength should be exerted on showing how much you love Him. If He wants you to love Him with all your mind and strength included, then passivity is no longer allowed, loving Him somewhere in the crevices of your heart without involving all of your intellect and strength can no longer be tolerated. Loving without anyone else knowing of your love can no longer be your M.O. If we are going to love Him, we might as well do it right and be careful what we are spending our intellect and strength on.

Husbands, your wives don’t want to be loved with just your money or your passive presence; they want YOU, all of you; your heart, your soul, your mind, your strength, and of course your money (we gotta have that). Yes, they want your heart to bit for them and your soul connected with theirs, but they also want your mind focused on them, strategizing on loving them, and your strength showing the love. Wives, the same goes for you too, and don’t forget that the husbands are really big on loving with all your strength, so be very wise about where you expend all that strength, you need to save it for where it really counts.

Let this serve as a reminder of what kind of love God truly expects from us; He never asks for something He hasn’t already demonstrated, and I am sure we can all agree that He already loved us and still does with all of His Heart, Spirit, Mind and Strength. So be cautious how you love God and each other, and make a commitment to doing it right; just the way God showed us how to.